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Abby and Gareth

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Our Story

Fall 2013 | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Gareth notices Abby in the lobby of Washington Dorm when she's headed out with her friends.

Fall 2014 | University of Massachusetts Amherst
The following Fall at a UMASS tailgate, Abby is filming clips for video she was making for her friends for their junior year of college.

She went up to a group of guys and asked for a quote. Later that weekend while reviewing the clips she captured, she asked her friend David, who is this guy saying "I'm the captain now". David tells her its Gareth Henry.

A few weeks later, Abby and Gareth end up at McMurphy's Pub in Amherst on the same night. They spent every weekend together for the rest of the semester until Abby headed off the Barcelona.

Summer 2015
Gareth and Abby start dating! The actual date is often debated!

May 2016 | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Gareth and Abby graduate UMASS and Abby moves to Boston.

September 2021 | Boston, Massachusetts
Gareth and Abby move into their first apartment together.

December 2021
Gareth and Abby bring home Brady - their energetic and sweet Portuguese Water Dog. Abby swore they were only going to "look" at the puppies. But Gareth knew there was no way they were leaving without one.

February 18 2023 | Oqunquit, Maine
The Proposal
On a blue sky February day, Gareth proposed to Abby on the beach in Oqunquit, Maine. The proposal was followed by a celebration at the Henry's with both families and friends. The best day ever!